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what is 9cat

The 9CAT is an entrepreneurial community that is spontaneously formed by entrepreneurs of different backgrounds. It was founded in Shenzhen, emigrated to the core of Greater Vancouver, and is committed to having passion for entrepreneurship, looking for interesting technology-related topics, and finding people with lofty aspirations to organize a meaningful job.

Its goal is to bring together potential technical personnel, entrepreneurial ideals, investment angels, and partners. Before he started his business, he praised his character, his way of doing things, sharing his spirit, and cooperation philosophy.

People are not perfect, people have emotions, so it is easier to understand whether it is an acceptable partner or a friend worthy of deep friendship in the relaxed environment of the community.

The community also provides a stage for testing water in a tolerant environment. You are welcome to join in, contribute to the community, serve the community, and provide resources for the community, so that you will also gain your influence from the community, and recognition of others.